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GloneTech Services (G.T.S) is a digital tech company located in Accra, Ghana. We are a team of professional marketers,developers, creative designers, brand developers, engineers,cyber security & networking expects, data scientists and IT specialists combining our knowledge and expertise to create exceptional designs and strategies, tailored to your business’s needs and requirements. Our services includes Managed IT Services,Website Designing and Mobile App Development, Graphic Designing & Branding, Digital Marketing , Advertising and Consulting, Networking and Security Installations and many more .. Get in touch with our team today to experience professional work.
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glonetech Service Web Maintenance
Manage IT Services

  1. Desktop as a Service
  2. Network Administration
  3. Cybersecurity
  4. Disaster Recovery & Backup
  5. On-Demand IT Help Desk
  6. Remote Management & Monitoring
  7. Hardware as a Service (HaaS)

glonetech Service website design
Web and Mobile App Development

services for

  1. Education
  2. Religious
  3. Businesses
  4. Multimedia
  5. Organization
  6. And more

glonetech Service SEO
Digital Marketing / Advertising

  1. Seach Engine Optimization
  2. Pay Per Click
  3. Social Media Ad
  4. Content Marketing
  5. Email Marketing
  6. SMS Marketing
  7. Video Marketing etc....

glonetech Service Graphic Designing
Graphic Designing and Branding


  1. Banner, Posters, etc
  2. Logo, Business Card, Letterhead, etc
  3. Branding
  4. 3D Signage
  5. Billboard
  6. And more

glonetech Service Networking
Networking Services

  1. Structured Cabling
  2. CCTV System Installations
  3. Network Cabling Service
  4. Power Solution & UPS
  5. And more

glonetech Service Web hosting
Website Hosting

  1. Hosting
  2. Domain Registration
  3. Email Account
  4. We Maintenance
  5. Cloud Storage

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